Meet SEQ Supervisor Bronwyn Townsend

Meet Bronwyn Townsend, the newest Safety Environment and Quality (SEQ) Supervisor at Waternish Engineering. After one year with the company, Bronwyn has moved into the SEQ Supervisor role with a strong background in safety management and a passion for processes.

Holding a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Teaching, Bronwyn found after many years as a dedicated teacher that she was struggling to maintain a work-life balance. When an opportunity arose at BHP Shutdown, she took the plunge and found herself loving her role and her introduction to safety, so she decided to pursue it.

After 12 months at Waternish, Bronwyn secured the role of SEQ Supervisor. When asked what drew her to the position, she said, “I was interested by the streamlined processes that largely make up the role of SEQ Supervisor, and I also enjoy the legislation side, ensuring that procedures are carried out correctly and practically – I guess you could say I’m a bit of a geek in that way!”

Requiring a Cert 4 in Work Health and Safety as well as on-the-job training, Bronwyn relished the opportunity to not only learn new skills but to put those which she had spent years finessing into practice in the role of SEQ Supervisor.

“Everyone at Waternish has been very supportive through this process; Malcolm, our Safety Supervisor, has also been a wonderful help, he’s got decades of on the ground experience that I can draw from.”

Stepping into a role with pathways and progression was important for Bronwyn, who noted the emphasis placed on consistently upskilling at Waternish.

“The culture at Waternish is inherent, it really is instilled in everyone. That can’t be manufactured and that’s something I really appreciate.”

Taking on a role in the male-dominated industry of engineering and construction was a factor not lost on Bronwyn, but her expectations were quite the opposite of what she experienced, noting, “I had some trepidation about the potential challenges of stepping into a male-dominated atmosphere, but I have been welcomed and embraced as a member of the team.”