Meet Design Drafter Jayden Fiedler

Jayden Fiedler is a Design Drafter at Waternish Engineering, responsible for designing the pipes and the water systems through CAD and 3D modelling.

Joining Waternish as a trainee after finishing school, Jayden has already achieved his Cert 3.

With a year of experience working at Waternish, Jayden notes that he appreciates being able to combine his studies with on-the-job training. Coming into this role straight from his high school studies, Jayden says his interest in the field came from the idea of being able to fuse two of his passions in a future role. “I’ve always been good at maths, and I also really enjoy drawing, so this type of role just seemed to combine those two things.”

The best part of his role? Jayden say, “It’s very satisfying to see something I’ve designed come to life, I love being able to see the end result.”

When he’s not working at Waternish, you’ll find Jayden playing sport, having been an avid fan of both football and cricket for many years.