About us

Waternish works with clients to provide construction and design solutions for water and wastewater problems affecting their customers and communities.

We offer expertise in the design and construction of innovative water infrastructure in the following sectors:

  • Municipal
  • Oil & Gas
  • Industrial
  • Resources
Waternish Lonsdale SA Headquarters

Waternish has earned a reputation for its dynamic, client-focussed professionalism and quality outcomes, specialising in the design and construction of turnkey infrastructure solutions for many new and ageing water industry challenges.

Through relationship building with the full range of stakeholders, Waternish delivers strategic planning and infrastructure needed for safe, secure water pumping, storage and supply, water and wastewater treatment and other facility requirements such as pump stations, tanks, pipelines and waterway management.

Built by a dedicated team of long-term employees the company has, for more than 20 years, partnered with clients in South Australia and interstate to present both small and immediate solutions through to large, multi-faceted construction projects.

Waternish works with clients from project conception to completion, engaging, collaborating, listening and understanding the requirements on a whole project basis, building trust and always valuing communication, transparency and integrity.

Utilising our own team of engineers, project managers and trades means we are able to provide an all-encompassing service offering, eliminating external interference and reducing project risks and cost of delivery.

We value the safety and wellbeing of our employees, and everyone involved in a project we manage. The responsibility to promote and ensure a safe workplace is embraced at all levels of the organisation with all employees actively participating in safety initiatives as they are rolled out across the company.

Above all else, water is a precious natural resource and the source of countless ecosystems critical to industrial, agricultural, household and recreational activities. By effectively planning, managing, and treating our water resources in both urban and rural areas, we can help create a resilient and sustainable future for business, communities, and the natural Australian environment.